2012 is Gone, Welcome to the Future

Another year has passed in which another year we have grown older. To the dismay of many, our civilization still moves on even after another apocalyptic prediction did not come to pass. 2012 was filled with many new milestones in our lives. Some of them important, others unrealized.

We re-elected a president that some were happy with and others were not. We landed another rover on Mars the size of a car. Some hope it will save our not so beloved space program while others believe it to be a waste of money. Unfortunately  music took another step backwards as talent-less singers and groups got force fed to the masses like the slop we eat. For both movies and video games it was the year of sequels. Some of them brilliant, others atrocious.

Instant Classics

Many new lives were brought into this world and for the most part the many that I saw were planned as opposed to being pregnant at 16. With the new life came the deaths of many great minds and talents. Some were natural, others were tragic, but all will be missed. Among them a talented singer turned crackhead, a famous general of modern warfare, a boxing icon, a famous artist of light, the first man to walk on the moon, and countless actors and actresses that have gained their immortality through film and TV. All who have shaped our world in one way or another and will be seen again through time.

Marijuana was legalized in a few states. Which to some is a move in the right direction, away from outdated laws that no longer make sense. However, to others it is just more proof of a decaying drug fueled society that can’t seem to take care of itself. Tragedy after tragedy was placed upon many of us as one person after another went on senseless murderous rampages that proved to us once again how selfish our race can be. Wars all over the world carried on, and natural disasters reminded us once again who the baddest kid on the block is.

I can finally wear my weed hat in two states!

I am grateful for a great many things this year and I am proud to have witnessed the great many human events. I have laughed and I have cried. I have been filled with both rage and joy, and have had both things gained and taken away. Although at the end of the day I always found peace. There is only so much we can do. Only so much change we can make or accept in a year.

I find the new year is a great time for introspection. Individually we must examine how we have grown or shrunk, and collectively we must always press on. The universe never stops churning, with or without us.

Our busy days filled with the need to chase financial gains so we can buy the things we want and do the things that make us happy. Even if the chase itself can be miserable we must follow our dreams and fight our nightmares. Hopefully we learned from the mistakes of 2012 and can pass that knowledge on to next year. How you and I remember 2012 is a personal view, but the events and lives that took place over the last 365 days have formed us. They are eternal and will never change.


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