The written word is an art form. It’s the only true direct extension of our consciousness. Through it we can learn and grow at an exponential rate, as our imaginations are broadened, so questions can be raised. It can make us deeply introspective, or take us on a journey across the universe.

However, it is the act of reading which is most precious. It is the only medium that is absorbed within the reader’s own mind. Unlike a painting or song that must be experienced with your own senses. Written words are but the paint on the tip of a paintbrush, with your mind being the canvas. It is a true magic of the world, and the sole reason I write. What you are now reading at this very moment, in your own mind, are my actual thoughts. They are being told to you through whichever way you hear them. These same thoughts become eternal as they are written, and the same moment I now share with you can be shared by future generations until infinity.

We, as humans, are able to grasp a multitude of ideas. It’s what makes life challenging so our lives never have to be boring. I designed this website to house my writings and make them accessible for whoever shares my passion. Join me, as I paint a personal picture in your imagination, that only you will ever see.